Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hai-ya!!!! spain won the title maa!!!!! :D

err, i think it has been a long time since i last updating this blog.
anyway, there is something more important that i want to share with all of u guys.
but i'll make it short and brief due to time limitation ( actually this post was written during CAS class... haha... sorry teacher.. )

okay, lets continue to our core point.
finally, the greatest event in the world has ended. and what surprised me the most is......

the team that i pick before the start of the tournament.....

SPAIN or we called it SEPANYOL here in Malaysia

has been crowned as the champion of the world...!!!!!

OMG, they're awesome, versatile (despite early setback when they were defeated by swiss.... what the fish...) and astonishing.

congratulations to Sergio Ramos and his compatriot for their fine and entertaining football.
till we meet again.


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