Sunday, September 26, 2010

okay. first of all, i think its not too late to wish u all happy eid mubarak. selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin. it took me something special to write in this blog, because here in KMB, with capped maxis broadband (and plus the endless assignments ), its very2 hard to update this blog regularly. the day before yesterday was awesome because i've been selected to be part of 15 football players to represent KMB in KASUKMA (sports carnival for institutions under MARA) alongside my buddy, izzuddin badaruddin. WHAT A RELIEVED. due to high expectations (we are the host), we are having three friendlies in a row, and some additional fitness training, so that we can win the tournament, or at least grab the second runner up spot. so, TIRED is the best word to describe me.

LIVERPOOL FC. big name with big history. and seems unbeatable on the sheet. but, in reality they are somehow leeds united-to-be. worst start in 56 years, 6 points in 6 matches, loss to fourth division's club in Carling cup, and i myself starts to loathe the way they play, the way they conceded cheap goals, the way the loss ball possessions to opponents, and the way they spent their budget. what a mess. okay. thats enough.

got to go. a pile of assignments awaits me. especially folio agama... salam :)

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