Friday, January 21, 2011

Memories of a Schoolboy

Salam to all. Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT still give me the chance to write, to study, to pray when some of my peers lying hopeless on beds in GAZA, with bullets in their bodies. Al-fatihah to our brothers and sisters in PALESTINE.

Semester one finally has over. And it ended in an astonishing way. Semester one teaches me a lot. a lot. I've done a quarter of the IB pie, and the rest are still there to be confronted.

Actually what i want to post is about teenage life. To be particular, life as a schoolboy. During the semester one break, i have a chat with my brother, who is a year younger than me. He sounded very gleeful, full of excitement when we talked about the last day of SPM. For him, its like the day of victory, a way more meaningful than than his own birthday. i feel it too; but a year before him. I laid my back, and somehow reminiscing the day when everyone packed their things and hugged each other for the last time before leaving the hostel. They were changing phone numbers; screaming like ''see you soon!'' and ''take care!'' filled up the air. I thought it was the day that i have waited for a long time. it did.


A month after the SPM was over, pictures of classroom, dorm, and faces of my dear friends started to appear in my mind, accompanied by their laughter and jokes which come from nowhere. sometimes i heard they call me '' ramos! futsal jom!'', and i will replied '' jom la. aku dah siap ni. korang semua yang lambat.'' i remembered the moment when everyone was queuing patiently to get food for supper in Dining Hall. We teased each other and throw the tasteless 'pau kacang' that were provided. Ahh. It just a normal feelings. I missed my dear friends, i said to calm myself.

A year after the SPM, the same things still happening. But now, its different. Now i realized. Their teases, their giggles, their sense of humour, their voices; they appeared to remind me. I remembered my English teacher once said that '' phase as a teen is a phase to create unforgettable memories''. Teenage is when eternal memories being carved.

Now, life must go on. Let the laughter, tears and jokes remain in your heart. Each of you must have your own memories as a schoolboy/schoolgirl. And it must be the sweetest memories you ever had. The day when school is over will certainly put you in cloud nine. However, believe me friends, it wouldnt last long.

''Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.'' ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Last day at school. we screamed, and then we cried.

ps: King Kenny has been appointed as the new Liverpool manager. i know everybody trusted him very much. i too admired him when he played for Liverpool but i'll be realistic. Renaissance will happen at Liverpool; but not winning trophies. Our aim is to gain back the opponent's respects that had gone astray in these recent years.

Friday, November 12, 2010


aahh. i glanced at my wristwatch. 3 am. and im still on my study table. i saw my room mate on his bed, enjoying the dreamworld. i should be like him. sleep well. study well. mingle well. outstanding in everything, specifically in academic. right now im in a dark, hollow tunnel, searching for the exit. and the dark tunnel im referring is my attitude. yeah, attitude. i need to change my attitude no matter how. final sem exam is approaching me. and i can feel the heat. oh GOD who never sleep. i only have U during this tough and challenging time.

if u think that YES all those things i am facing will stop me, change it to NO.
coz i dare to cry in front of you buddy, rather than throwing in the white towel.
i ain't a coward.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

salam. this entry has nothing to do with football okay. my intention to write this entry is just to express my feelings and emotions, in a more subtle way. i have to say that this week was one hell of a week as many events and tragedies have taken place during this hectic week. i started the week with an unfinished biology lab report which i need to hand in on monday. Thank God i managed to get it finished by the time. fuhhhh... selamat.... other stressful things that made me insane :/
  • TOK presentation ( it was a good try btw but i have to say that we need to improve ourselves ADIN! )
  • friendly match against year twos which we lost 5-2. ( feel dejected but happy with the fact that year ones too have numbers of talented players )
  • HAKA dance ( we performed the Kiwi's cultural dance for international affair )
  • loads of homework to be done (boleh gila!)
next week will be more tenser i guess because chemistry test, malay A1 test, pure Maths test, cooking club interview, english B interactive oral, etc awaits me... :) take care guys... :D

ps: tonight liverpool will face blackburn and as an optimist person, i never fails to believe that liverpool will win every single games.... you can call me sarcastic if you want but LIVEROOL FC, you'll never walk alone....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

okay. first of all, i think its not too late to wish u all happy eid mubarak. selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin. it took me something special to write in this blog, because here in KMB, with capped maxis broadband (and plus the endless assignments ), its very2 hard to update this blog regularly. the day before yesterday was awesome because i've been selected to be part of 15 football players to represent KMB in KASUKMA (sports carnival for institutions under MARA) alongside my buddy, izzuddin badaruddin. WHAT A RELIEVED. due to high expectations (we are the host), we are having three friendlies in a row, and some additional fitness training, so that we can win the tournament, or at least grab the second runner up spot. so, TIRED is the best word to describe me.

LIVERPOOL FC. big name with big history. and seems unbeatable on the sheet. but, in reality they are somehow leeds united-to-be. worst start in 56 years, 6 points in 6 matches, loss to fourth division's club in Carling cup, and i myself starts to loathe the way they play, the way they conceded cheap goals, the way the loss ball possessions to opponents, and the way they spent their budget. what a mess. okay. thats enough.

got to go. a pile of assignments awaits me. especially folio agama... salam :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hai-ya!!!! spain won the title maa!!!!! :D

err, i think it has been a long time since i last updating this blog.
anyway, there is something more important that i want to share with all of u guys.
but i'll make it short and brief due to time limitation ( actually this post was written during CAS class... haha... sorry teacher.. )

okay, lets continue to our core point.
finally, the greatest event in the world has ended. and what surprised me the most is......

the team that i pick before the start of the tournament.....

SPAIN or we called it SEPANYOL here in Malaysia

has been crowned as the champion of the world...!!!!!

OMG, they're awesome, versatile (despite early setback when they were defeated by swiss.... what the fish...) and astonishing.

congratulations to Sergio Ramos and his compatriot for their fine and entertaining football.
till we meet again.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jabulani = Worst Nightmare Ever

World Cup players going mad over the official match ball, JABULANI

'super perfect' Jabulani

FIFA's official match ball for this year world cup edition, Jabulani, has been criticised severely by players and team official (especially the coach).

The ball is constructed using a new design, consisting of 8 thermally-bonded panels. The ball is textured with grooves, a technology developed by Adidas called ''GripnGroove'' intended to improve the ball aerodynamics.

The design of the Jabulani has 11 colors to honor those 11 languages, in addition to the 11 communities of South Africa and and the 11 players on a team. The 11 colors also honor the fact that this is adidas’ 11th FIFA World Cup ball.

The ball took 4 years of design and development in Loughborough University, UK before being launched by the company.

However, despite the high expectation that the ball will fit for the tournament, the 'super perfect' Jabulani still get slammed and condemned by the players.

Here are some of the criticism on Jabulani :

  • England's Emile Heskey claimed that the ball contributed to his bad miss and poor display against USA and said that goalkeeper, Tim Howard was lucky to save his shot.''The ball swerves and moves around'' - Emile Heskey

  • Robinho, Brazil sensational striker, went so far as to condemn the designer, saying ''for sure the guy who designed this ball never played football''.

  • USA goalkeeper, Marcus Hahnemann has a special quotes for the inventor of the Jabuani.''Technology is not everything. Scientist came up with atom bomb, doesn't mean we should have invented it!'

  • Goalkeepers Julio Ceasar of Brazil, Iker Casillas of Spain, and Gianluigi Buffon of Italy, have complained about the ball and claimed that the ball is unpredictable and hard to control.

  • Nemanja Vidic, Serbia's captain, said '' I think that it is not easy to control the ball in the air,'' after his side was punished with a penalty kick due to unintended handball by Kuzmanovic. '' Its very quick, more in the air than at the feet. I think if the ball hits the ground you get good control. But all the teams have problems with the ball so it is not an excuse.''

  • Many players have criticised the ball, branding it a ''beachball'', ''inadequate'' and like one purchased in a supermarket among other complaints.

And i am sure that we all saw the howler made by England's Robert Green and Algeria's Faouzi Chaouchi. This is World Cup for God sake!!! schoolboy errors are unforgivable.

Green, however, refused to reflect his mistake to the ball. He owned up to his blunder.

sobs sobs..... sorry mr capello....

On the other hand, Algeria's coach Rabah Saadane blamed the ball and the turf for his team's loss.

Just don't expect FIFA to change their ball midway through the competition. In fact, a gold version of the ball, called Jo'bulani, will be used in the final on July 12. The only teams able to feel the 'perfectness' of the ball will be the two team who made it to the final.

the great ball of Jo'bulani

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Fever

ouch.... pity Captain Drog...

tomorrow, the greatest football tournament on the planet will finally start.... :D

however, for this year edition,
the tournament will miss some of the top players in the world.... :(
Rio Ferdinand and David Beckham of England,
Nani of Portugal,
john obi Mikel of Nigeria,
Arjen Robben (doubtful) of Holland,
Michael Ballack of Germany,
Marcos Senna of Spain,
Michael Essien of Ghana,
to name a few.....


Based on Fifa current ranks, Brazil will be the favorite to win this year edition but 2nd ranked team, Spain, with no doubt is the most consistent team since their last triumph in euro 2008, defeating Germany in the finals....
and they're the choice of the pundits...
on the other hand, Portugal, in the third position, displayed a poor tactical games against Mexico which they lost 2-1....
i am totally confident that their chance to win this tittle is as thin as a paper, because they were grouped in 'group of death', consistimg of Brazil, Ghana, and south Korea....

Spain's Top 11

everybody has their own team to support during the world cup...
so do i...
and for this edition, after doing detailed research and some analysis, the lucky team this year is......

SPAIN!!!!! :)


they're the most perfect squad among the other teams competing in the world cup....
occupied with skillful players such as
Fernando Torres,
Iker Casillas,
David Villa,
Xabi Alonso,
Carles Puyol etc,
winning the world cup is not an impossible mission....
world cup 2010 is within their reach....

Spain definitely will repeat their Euro 2008 triumph...

we will see........


keep my words with u...