Friday, January 21, 2011

Memories of a Schoolboy

Salam to all. Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT still give me the chance to write, to study, to pray when some of my peers lying hopeless on beds in GAZA, with bullets in their bodies. Al-fatihah to our brothers and sisters in PALESTINE.

Semester one finally has over. And it ended in an astonishing way. Semester one teaches me a lot. a lot. I've done a quarter of the IB pie, and the rest are still there to be confronted.

Actually what i want to post is about teenage life. To be particular, life as a schoolboy. During the semester one break, i have a chat with my brother, who is a year younger than me. He sounded very gleeful, full of excitement when we talked about the last day of SPM. For him, its like the day of victory, a way more meaningful than than his own birthday. i feel it too; but a year before him. I laid my back, and somehow reminiscing the day when everyone packed their things and hugged each other for the last time before leaving the hostel. They were changing phone numbers; screaming like ''see you soon!'' and ''take care!'' filled up the air. I thought it was the day that i have waited for a long time. it did.


A month after the SPM was over, pictures of classroom, dorm, and faces of my dear friends started to appear in my mind, accompanied by their laughter and jokes which come from nowhere. sometimes i heard they call me '' ramos! futsal jom!'', and i will replied '' jom la. aku dah siap ni. korang semua yang lambat.'' i remembered the moment when everyone was queuing patiently to get food for supper in Dining Hall. We teased each other and throw the tasteless 'pau kacang' that were provided. Ahh. It just a normal feelings. I missed my dear friends, i said to calm myself.

A year after the SPM, the same things still happening. But now, its different. Now i realized. Their teases, their giggles, their sense of humour, their voices; they appeared to remind me. I remembered my English teacher once said that '' phase as a teen is a phase to create unforgettable memories''. Teenage is when eternal memories being carved.

Now, life must go on. Let the laughter, tears and jokes remain in your heart. Each of you must have your own memories as a schoolboy/schoolgirl. And it must be the sweetest memories you ever had. The day when school is over will certainly put you in cloud nine. However, believe me friends, it wouldnt last long.

''Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.'' ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Last day at school. we screamed, and then we cried.

ps: King Kenny has been appointed as the new Liverpool manager. i know everybody trusted him very much. i too admired him when he played for Liverpool but i'll be realistic. Renaissance will happen at Liverpool; but not winning trophies. Our aim is to gain back the opponent's respects that had gone astray in these recent years.


  1. hahaha..mmg x nak gne bhse aku g ko tules blog..
    nway,english mmg kaw2 r..
    bgos,bnyk2 r post weyh..yg pntng gmbar mne gambr..
    iphone tol..hahaha

  2. i had finished my first semester too.wee~
    and its not a quarter of the whole course like yours.its one over fifteen(one year,three semester).biiznillah:)

    cant wait for 20022020 to meet all of you!:D

  3. zuley>> bila hang nk tulis blog ni weyh? da berzaman aku tunggu. btw, gambar otw. haha

    qila>> hopefully u will succeed in your study. i know u can. anyway, are you sure the date is 20 02 2020? :D

  4. Coolio! tak sangka ramos pun ada belog.hehe please la update ur entry. followed! xD