Saturday, October 23, 2010

salam. this entry has nothing to do with football okay. my intention to write this entry is just to express my feelings and emotions, in a more subtle way. i have to say that this week was one hell of a week as many events and tragedies have taken place during this hectic week. i started the week with an unfinished biology lab report which i need to hand in on monday. Thank God i managed to get it finished by the time. fuhhhh... selamat.... other stressful things that made me insane :/
  • TOK presentation ( it was a good try btw but i have to say that we need to improve ourselves ADIN! )
  • friendly match against year twos which we lost 5-2. ( feel dejected but happy with the fact that year ones too have numbers of talented players )
  • HAKA dance ( we performed the Kiwi's cultural dance for international affair )
  • loads of homework to be done (boleh gila!)
next week will be more tenser i guess because chemistry test, malay A1 test, pure Maths test, cooking club interview, english B interactive oral, etc awaits me... :) take care guys... :D

ps: tonight liverpool will face blackburn and as an optimist person, i never fails to believe that liverpool will win every single games.... you can call me sarcastic if you want but LIVEROOL FC, you'll never walk alone....

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